Light the Night for Safer Neighbourhoods

Residents are encouraged to leave their front and rear porch lights on between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. to increase safety in the community. By using a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) in these off-peak hours, hydro for lighting up a porch costs less than 1 penny a day.  However should you install motion sensitive lighting or any exterior lighting please be aware of what direction and intensity your outside lighting provides.  Neighbours windows are in close proximity and such lighting can be extraordinarily bright and annoying if shining through your neighbours bedroom windows.  Please think it out before installing bright night lighting.  

Community Police 

Whenever a crime or a suspicious incident occurs, report it.  If it is an emergency call 911 if ongoing issues such as noise complaints, street level prostitution or drug dealing call non emergency response at 416 808 2222.  And get the incident number.  Follow up with Community Police Officers.

Police Constable Julie Rice phone 647 921 6395 email

Police Constable Scott Hodgson phone 647 921 6395 email

For issues at Toronto Community Housing properties such as noise, drug dealing, etc.follow up with 

Community Safety Advisor Michale Bezoff phone 416 899 8454 email

Officers from 51 Division point out that the more calls they receive from a particular neighbourhood, the more patrols that neighbourhood receives.  If problems are persistent it is also recommended you contact

Staff Sergeant Peter Troupe directly at 416 808 5152 to follow up. His email is  

Emailing a general complaint form is also a great idea as it helps determine the number of officers assigned to particular divisions. 

Community Policing Complaint form  The police are VERY keen that we use this form.  It helps them allocate resources.  So, use it to submit information about recurring, or non-emergency issues.

This is one of those things that is far easier to do, than it is to say.  Just click the link to open the form. Fill it the blue sections.  Then select File.  It gives you a Save As box.  Under File Name, give it some appropriate name.  Remember what you call it because you then are going to send it as an attachment to an email.  Problems?  email info

51 Division Phone Numbers

Also, 51 Division has provided us with a list of phone numbers for non-emergencies, just to help us navigate.  Click here for the list.  POLICE PHONE NUMBERS.doc

Links Automated Notification System 

By the way, Toronto Police Services has a communications program called Links which might be of interest to you.  Links is an automated notification system that individuals can sign up for, which will email, blackberry or autophone you with emergency or high priority safety notices, amber alerts, etc.  No junk mail. This is the page on the TPS site:

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