Policy on Fundraising and Donations

Cabbagetown South is a membership-driven residents' association whose objectives are:

  • To promote measures which enhance the beauty, safety, and environmental and economic viability of the Cabbagetown South area.
  • To promote the general quality of residential and economic life in and around the Cabbagetown South area.
  • To promote a sense of community within the Cabbagetown South area that respects the diversity of people in the Cabbagetown South area.
  • To undertake or support projects requiring or benefiting from community support which are intended to advance the above objectives.
  • To oppose measures which diminish the above.

Cabbagetown South may from time to time hold fundraising events to support the key initiatives that are outlined in our mission statement, to support other organizations, or to support a specifically identified event (i.e. disaster relief in another community).  The intended use of the money raised in such a fundraiser may be within or beyond the geographic boundaries of the Cabbagetown South community. The intended purpose of any fundraiser will be specifically identified and the funds, net of expenses, will be directed toward that stated purpose.

Cabbagetown South may also, from time to time, make monetary donations to other organizations, including organizations that are themselves outside the community.  However the money may only be used to support a cause that is for the benefit of the residents of Cabbagetown South. 

July 26, 2010

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