Trees:  According to a 2012 study just released called a Healthy Cose of Green: A green perscription for a healthy population...."Forests and green spaces have been linked to a significant decline in stress, a decrease in the severity of attention deficit/hyperactivity symptoms in children, improved rehabilitation and faster hospital recovery rates." Trees Ontario are developing a long-term sustainable plan to plant more trees.  Visit to learn more about the largest tree planting partnership in North America and to read the full report.  Read Mark Cullen's article in the Toronto Star  (Feb.11, 2012) 'Breathing for Us Trees are Good for Health'

LEAF is an organization dedicated to the urban forest. The Feb. 23, 2012 edition of their newsletter is here.


Market:  There is an organic market every Tuesday from 3:00 PM – 7:00 during the summer months at Riverdale Park.   

Vegetarian Association:   This link includes a list of organic markets in Toronto as well as tips for kids and many resources related to a vegan lifestyle. 

Green Enterprise Toronto: GET believes that Toronto can become a sustainable city by supporting its local, green businesses.  The website provides links to stores and services.

Live Green Toronto:    Tips on living green in Toronto, Grants and Funding to make the community more green;  as well as information about the Live Green Festival.

A Greener House:   Here are a few ways to live a "greener" life in your home.

  1. Lower the thermostat - Turning it down by a degree or tow can reduce heating bills by 4% or more.
  2. Use Ceiling Fans in Winter - Changing the direction of the blade to counterclockwise pushes hot air down and helps keep rooms warm.
  3. Look for Appliances with Energy Star Raitings - Compared to a refrigerator built in 1990, a new Energy Star model saves enough electricity to light an average home for more than 4 1/2 months.
  4. Fix Drips - One drop per second from a leaky faucet can waste as much as 10 gallons of water each week. 
  5. Install Low-Flow Shower Heads, Faucets and Toilets - Low-flow faucets reduce water consumption and heating by as much as 50 percent.  Low-flow toilets can save a similar amount.  Look for City of Toronto rebate programs to help with the cost.
  6. Choose Green Flooring - made from renewable resources like bamboo.
  7. Look for Furnishings - that are made from biodegradable or recyclable materials, so when they wear out, they don't create waste.
  8. Check Local Guidelines for disposing of Paint Cans - and other toxic and hazardous materials.  In Toronto you can now drop your paint cans off at any Home Depot or Rona! 


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