A river flowed through our area.


OK, it was a creek actually.  Early settlements obviously built up around running water as a source of energy for mills and a source of water for breweries.  Enoch Turner set up his brewery on neighbouring Taddle Creek before moving on to building his schoolhouse.  Larger rivers transported goods for trade.  Sadly as the city expanded many area creeks and rivers were buried and redirected into the cities sewer system.

A small Creek named Crookshank ran through the Cabbagetown South area from the present day Allan Gardens down through Pembroke and Sherbourne Streets and across our southern border along Shuter Street.  


A smaller tributary ran from the rear of the Allendale property on th_Allandale.gifSherbourne, north of Dundas, down through Seaton and Ontario Streets to join the main creek near present day Shuter.  The creek then flowed down through Corktown to join up with the Don River.  For more information about Crookshank Creek, click here.  Or to learn about all the lost rivers in and around Toronto, click here.  

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