Security Tips for Valuables

Statistics say that a burglar will spend approximately 8 minutes in your home.  You want to make sure they don't find your valuables during that time and if they do it is very difficult/impossible for them to be removed. Limit the overall impact of a burglary taking the following steps.

What items do burglars steal most often?

  • Thieves prefer to take smaller items that can be easily pocketed.  Favourite items taken by thieves include:
    • Jewelry
    • Cash
    • Camera equipment
    • DVD/CD players
    • TV/VCR/DVD recorders.

Don’t Advertise Your New Purchases

  • If you’ve purchased big-ticket items, (e.g. TVs, stereos or computer equipment,) fold the cardboard box inside out before putting it in the recycling bin. This keeps the identity of your purchases private and doesn’t alert would-be burglars.

Document Items of Sentimental Value

  • Make a list of the items in your home that are irreplaceable and keep them in a safe place.
  • When not in use, these items should be stored in a place no one would suspect. For example, should not be kept in a jewellery box – this is the first location a burglar will look.
  • Take photos or video recordings to show what you own.
  • Write down the serial numbers.
  • Identify your property with unique identification number of at least 8 numbers (like a phone number).
  • Keep receipts for the more expensive items.

Make it Difficult for the Burglar to take your valuables 

  • The most obvious way to protect your valuables is to store them in a safe-deposit box or in a secure home safe that is too heavy to be moved.  When buying a wall safe make sure it is fireproof.
  • One of the easiest ways to thwart them is to hide your valuables in ordinary containers, kept in their usual place.  The products called 'diversion safes' come in a wide variety of personal car, household products and food containers with removable, screw-on tops and bottoms.  Valuables can be discretely stored inside these look-a-like containers and kept in their seemingly rightful places.  Each is undistinguishable from the genuine product.   Examples include:  cans of 7-Up , Miller Beer, Ajax cleanser, Campbell's soup can...or even a tin of Desenex jock itch spray!
  • Consider a safe that can be secured in the back of a closet or other inconspicous place in your home.  A variety of heavy floor safes are available at the Staples in the Corktown area.
  • A chiseled-out space in the top of a door makes a great "safe" for small valuables.
  • Devise a hiding place in an acoustical ceiling. Remove a tile and restore it afterward with magnetic fasteners or a similar device. Be careful not to leave finger marks.
  • Leave a jar of small notes in easy view inside the house, so that the thief thinks that is the total of the cash they will get (make it easy for them to get something and get out).

Things to Avoid! 

  • Avoid obvious places such as mattresses, drawers, inside figurines, behind pictures, and under carpets.
  • Don't hide valuables in the freezer... this is the most obvious place!
  • Don't forget to hide your identification, credit cards and health cards to prevent identify theft.



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