Garage, Garden & Shed

Garages and sheds present special challenges for security.  It is important not to forget about them because they can contain tools such as hammers, axes and ladders that can be used to get into your home.

Security Tips for your Garage:

  • Cover or frost your garage windows so no one can see in and tell if your car is gone.  (Note: In Cabbagetown you can pick-up a spray tin of ‘frost’ at the local Home Hardware on Parliament Street)
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked even when your car is not in the garage.
  • Install a peephole in the door separating the house from the garage.  If you hear suspicious sounds, you can check without opening the door.
  • Install a motion-activated web camera that captures the activities around the garage area.  This will be a deterrent and assist in the capture and conviction of burglars.
  • If you want to give the illusion of video cameras you can install a fake camera.  Note: These are readily available at stores like ‘The Spy Shop’ on Dundas W.  between University & Bay.  Mount the unit so it is illuminated when the lights go on.  If you are more technically oriented, you can run a wire from the motion sensor to the box and have a little red light come on to indicate the (non-existent) camera is filming.
  • Whenever possible use double locks.  Install the second lock as far away as possible from the first so that it is inconvenient for the burglars.
  • Put motion sensors over the entry points.  Constant lighting is good but a motion light can unnerve a burglar.  It shows that someone is thinking about security.  Note:  Abso Lock is on Dundas St. E between Ontario and Milan.  

Security Tips for Automated Garage Doors:

  • Have your automated garage door professionally installed so it does not come off its hinges.
  • Change the code used with the garage door opener!
  • Never leave your remote control in your car as this can be stolen and used to gain access to your property.  Consider a key chain opener.
  • If it is an old door inspect it for loose panels, broken panes, damaged corners or rusty chains.  This is to ensure no one can pry their way into your backyard.
  • Never leave your garage door partially open.
  • If you go on vacation unplug the garage door automatic opener.
  • Disconnect any outside buttons that will open the garage.
  • Make sure that your garage door opener is code encrypted so that burglars can not use a code detector to access your code and open the garage door.
  • When you pull into the garage, make sure that no one slips in with you before you close the door.  Look around all sides and close the door as soon as you know it is safe.

Security Tips for your Garden & Shed:

  • Chain and lock ladders so they can’t be used to access the house.
  • Use a heavy duty lock on your garden shed so thieves can not get at your tools and use them to break into the house
  • Chain or padlock your garden tools together so it is more difficult to remove them.
  • Consider a battery operated Shed Alarm
  • Cover shed windows so no one  can see inside
  • Consider putting a trellis on top of a board fence for added height
  • Grow a spiky or prickly vine or rosebush along the fence to make it harder to get over.
  • Consider putting gravel down on your parking pad.  The crunch underfoot will alert you that someone is in your backyard
  • Install motion activated security lights
  • Secure valuable garden urns and furniture with chains that are hidden in the ground
  • Mark your furniture so it can be identified



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