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Cabbagetown South Residents’ Association, registered as Cabbagetown South Association, Inc., is not responsible for any opinions expressed in the Discussion Forum or on Blogs.


Censorship will be exercised if content expresses hate, is abusive or sexually exploitive, or encourages illegal activity.


Although this site is password-protected, absolute security cannot be guaranteed.


The Discussion Forum and Blogs are two ways the Cabbagetown South Residents’ Association invites you to become involved in the organization and the community.  While anyone can read items posted here, only members can post.


We encourage discussion and blogs that further the aims of the organization: 

  • To promote the beauty, safety, environmental quality and economic vitality of this historic community.
  • To promote the quality of residential and business life in and around the area.
  • To promote a shared sense of community that respects the diversity of all residents.
  • To organize projects and activities throughout the year that bring people together and help make this a vibrant place to live.       

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