Minutes Cabbagetown South Residents Association AGM March 23rd 2016

Welcome by Don Purvis VP
Outline of Purpose of Cabbagetown South

  • To promote measures which enhance the beauty, safety, and environmental and economic viability of the Cabbagetown South area.
  • To promote the general quality of residential and economic life in and around the Cabbagetown South area.
  • To promote a sense of community within the Cabbagetown South area that respects the diversity of people in the Cabbagetown South area.
  • To undertake or support projects requiring or benefiting from community support which are intended to advance the above objectives.
  • To oppose measures which diminish the above.
Brief on who can run for President and volunteer  for the Board.  Brief on who can vote, who are members in good standing.

Request for nominees for President.

Jeff Lookong volunteered to be president, no other names put forth.  Jeff's nomination seconded and unanimously acclaimed.

Call for Volunteers for the Board  Don Purvis, Mike Laidlaw, Murray Bevin, Karen Marren,  Susan Dineen, Tanya English, Diana Flynn and Michael Portnoy all put their name forth and acclaimed with any dditional changes to be determined at later date.

Report from the President 

Jeff Lookong reported on various committees and objectives of 2015 including problematic properties group, meetings regarding Oben Flats, Heritage Conservation Districts etc.  Advised that most items covered by e newsletters and suggested that further information can be obtained from our website.

Report from the Treasurer.

Tanya English gave a brief report on our finances which remain in fairly good shape.  Major expense is the website and domain name.  

Next steps,  April Board Meeting and  General Meeting in May.

Request for comments, questions and suggestion from the members present.

We had several questions about various neighbourhood issues.

Policing,  Making use of Police Complaint Form.  Call for someone to represent us at the CPLC.  Possiblity of joining community police safety panel.

Comments about using the police form and getting action around drug dealing near Lord Dufferin playground.

Questions regarding police reaction to car break ins and vandalism.  Some residents indicated that at times police go into overdrive when responding to some car break ins,  (dusting for fingerprints etc, while others indicated that police were slack in their response.)   It was indicated that a police report is required when making an insurance claim and getting said report is often time consuming and difficult.

Comments that our car insurance premiums are being bumped up due to the number of car break ins and vandalism.

Questions regarding Problematic Property Committee Meetings.    Is there progress being made?  

Lorraine and Don indicated that the meetings are not yet up to speed and results are slow due to the low property bylaw standards.  There are city run committees looking at how to better deal with rooming house licensing, bylaws around vacant and poorly maintained properties and that it is our hope that our input will have a positive impact on change.  We hope to reconvene meetings and see some positive outcomes in the near future.  

There was a question about about where things stand in regards to Heritage Designation.   We advised we hoped to get an update from Councilor McConnell or staff but they were unable to attend our AGM.  Heard from various members indicating their concern about overly stringent regulations regarding renovations and restoration.  Especially concerns about stringent rules around replacing windows, doors etc.an whether saving poorly maintained properties on our main streets is the way to go.   

Oben Flats.  We advised nothing new to report but hoped to get an update form Councillor and planning staff in near future.

Toronto Community Housing.  Heard concerns about Dan Harrison, William Dennison and Moss Park Apartments.  It was indicated that this should be a priority and we should attempt to get Councillor McConnell and management from TCHC to an upcoming meeting.

Some discussion around doing more social events, garden tour, neighbourhood clean up and possibly something around the 40th anniversary of the Cabbagetown Festival.  

Closing Thank You 

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