Regent Park Redevelopment

(Last updated February13, 2014)

To recap, in March 2013, Toronto Community Housing Corporation Regent Park Redevelopment made a proposal to amend their plans for Phases 3 to 5 to increase the density, add towers and add height.  At a June 10, 2013 Community Consultation Meeting, concerns were raised and accordingly, they have revised their proposal.

The revised proposal was be formally presented at another Community Consultation Meeting in September with City Planning Staff present.  TCHC also previewed their revised plan to us at our meeting on Sept. 4.

The final Official Plan/Rezoning report is moving to Committee of Adjustment in early 2014.  We filed the attached letter with Angela Stea City Planner for the project.  To see our letter please click here
You can submit comments regarding the revised proposal. The details of which are available online...try one of these links..

Overall Density:
Originally, in 2005, there were to have been 5400 units, a mixture of market and social housing.  In March, 2013, they modified that to 7500 units, all of the increase being in the market component.  That is, 70%-75% of the units will be Market (as opposed to Rent Geared to Income or Affordable Rental Units).  This latest proposal leaves the density at 7500 units.

Height of the Tower at Oak and Parliament:
March submission: 38 storeys
Revised:  20 storeys

Variation in Heights around the park:
March submission:  Six 16-storey buildings
Revised plan:  Four 13-storey buildings
                       Two 22-storeys buildings
                       All on a 6 storey podium

Addressing Oak Street
March submission:  Limited building frontage and lanes along Oak Street
Revised plan:  Mid-rise (6 storeys) along Oak Street and townhomes mid-block

Heights of Buildings Along Gerrard
March submission:  30m (up to 10 storeys)
Revised plan:  22m (up to 6 storeys) mid-rise along Gerrard at River to better transition to Cabbagetown as per existing zoning

Location of Tower at Gerrard and River
March submission:  Tower at the corner of Gerrard/ River
Revised plan:  Tower moves south to the corner of Oak / River as per existing zoning

Shadowing Park east of River Street
March submission:  One 16-storey building
Revised plan:  One 10-storey building at the corner of Oak and River

Townhomes onto Athletic Grounds
March submission:  Townhomes back onto Athletic Grounds
Revised plan:  Townhomes face Athletic Grounds

Proposal to demolish 14 Blevins Place
March submission:  demolish
Revised plan:  this demolition has been turned down by Heritage Preservation Services

We have been advised by Councillor Pam McConnell in November that the demolition of 14 Blevins Place has been approved.



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