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During our February General Meeting with guest speaker Staff Sgt Spanton several ongoing issues around criminal activity such as Street Prostitution, Drug Dealing and Consumption, Public Drinking and  Grafitti and other activities were discussed.  Staff Sgt Spanton requested that our community begin to log such activities and pass on a complaint form to his attention so he can direct community officers to area hot spots.  In April of 2013 we passed the following notification to all area contacts and asked for information to back reported complaints.

As a result we have compiled the following complaint form and issues ongoing issues around illegal activity and have passed it on to Staff Sgt. Spanton.  We have also left sevral messages for Community Policing Officer Marty McGlauglin.  Officer McGlauglin organizes grafitti clean up with High School Students as part of theri community volunteering requirements with the Toronto District School Board.  Our messages have not been returned.

Alcohol Consumption Allan Gardens  Sunday April 7th afternoon

Street Prostituion/Soliciting Seaton on Shuter

N/Ecorner Thursday April 11th  10 to 11 am, Friday April 12th 11 to 12

Alcohol Consumption Allan Gardens  Sunday April 14th afternoon

Street walkers on Shuter Thursday April 18th am Friday April 19th am, Saturday morning am

Used condoms in Ontario Street Parkette Sunday April 21st am indicating that prostitutes are bringing Johns into area Gardens and Laneways.

Alcohol Consumption Allan GardensSunday April 21st

Camper sleeping in park Monday April 22 am.

Drug activity Dan Harrison south exit on

Oskenonton Lanshovelingvarious times of day and night

On going Drug Sales

___Seaton Street rooming house with drug usage and drug dealings. (Actual address passed on to drug squad) Dozens of people have been obsevered entering in and out on a daily basis.

Here is the pattern I've seen>

- person A arrives at front door of ___ Seaton

- person B opens door and lets person A into the house

- person A exits after a few minutes, goes into the back alley

- person A leaves needles in the back of the house.

This happens many times through out the day.   There is an Asian man who appears to pass by every now and then, is usually totally high.  I think he looks after the place.


Disruptive Behavior, Alcohol , Drugs and Public Intoxication in  Laneways near The Beer Store (Incident Log)



November 2012


Three men sitting in alleyway,

Wood Ward Evans Lane(laneway), north side of our house drinking beer from cans.  One man in a wheelchair, all three men white 50+.  I ignore them.

December 2012


Two men in convenience store parking lot holding a black plastic bag from The Beer Store (TBS).  White, Native both 40+.  White man urinating on fence.  Both men leave west on Gerrard.  White man yells something to store owner regarding Christmas trees sold in lot.

January 2013

(early evening)

Sri Lankan man, 30+, approaches me while shovelling snow.  He is drinking a can of beer.  We chat for a few minutes.  I ask him why he is drinking an open beer in public.  He is not too concerned with the Police or my comments.  

March 2013


Three native men drinking from beer cans in parking lot (216 Gerrard property) in laneway behind our house.  I speak with them briefly.

March 2013


Three white men stop in laneway north of our house.  They take 3 beers out of a black TBS plastic bag.  They each take a beer and throw the black bag on the ground.  They continue west.

March 2013


Two native men and one women drinking in laneway behind our house.  I call the Police (non-emergency line).  They arrive within 10 minutes and ticket all three individuals.  I did not get a police report number.

March 28.2013 (morning)

TBS plastic bag littered in laneway (see photo).

March 30, 2013 8:30pm

Came home to find a police cruiser parked on the south side of Gerrard, corner of Seaton.  Police talking to someone.  Observed man walking towards cruiser from TBS front entrance (see Video).  He is yelling something or speaking loudly. 

Friday April 5, 2013


Twice someone walking north on Seaton (north of Gerrard) just yelling.  First time it was a white guy, second time a young brown/black guy.  Close to 296 Seaton Street.

Fri. April 5, 2013 5:00pm.

Resident of 303 Seaton Street, White guy, 40+, short brown hair, always wears the same brown pants and black/yellow jacket, face stubble – urinating in Woodward Evans Laneway on the side of 299 Seaton Street.

Fri April 5, 2013 7:30pm.

Group of 6 young wihte guys (20+) walking south on Seaton drinking beer from cans.  All are well dressed, look like university students.  They stop short of Gerrard.  I watch one guy throw his empty beer can on to the conveneince store side yard.  Ia ppraoce and ask them not to throw beer cans on the street.  They apologize and move on.

Mon April 15, 2013

Drinking in laneway behind 296 Seaton between 5:30-6:30pm.

Tues April 16. 2013

Discarded condom at the top of Seaton and Carlton near DR OH Lane.

Graffiti complaints various area throughout the neighborhood




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