Queen Street East

The blocks of Queen Street south of Moss Park Apartments consists of several heritage commercial rows especially on the north side of Queen street.  There are very few shops that serve the residents of Cabbagetown South. The blocks have had little visible signs of renovation or refurbishment likely as a result of the poor economic climate in the area.  Moss Park Apartments contain approximately 900 geared to income units.  The Salvation Maxwell Meighan Hostel on Sherbourne just north of Queen houses approximately 500 homeless men. 

Although there is considerable condo and market rent apartments under construction on the blocks immediately south of Queen there is little reason for new area residents to venture on to Queen Street along these blocks.  There have been failed attempts to create a BIA along Queen Street East due to the lack of viable businesses to support street and neighbourhoood improvements.  Development along Parlaiment or Sherbourne seems to stop at Queen with little plans for new construction along either street between Queen and Dundas.

Moss Park Apartments are currently undergoing refurbishment by Toronto Community Housing but there still is a problem with disrupted street grids.  Seaton,  Ontario and Berkely could all be recreated through the complex which would give a healthier street presence to the apartment towers and potential redevelopment of the massive parking lots that surround the rental towers.

The Salvation Army should rethink their concentration of hostel beds at the Sherbourne Queen corner and redevelop their holdings along the Sherbourne.  The Salvation Army properties dominate the south west and western flank of Moss Park and the Moss Park Armoury.  Totally surrounding the park with Salvation Army complexes needs to be reconsidered.

Investment in job creation along Queen Street East rather than just housing would be a welcome new direction.   


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