TCHC & Oskenonton Laneway

The TCHC Laneway Committee is concerned with issues relating to Oskenonton Lane and the Dan Harrison Building.

Our mandate is to encourage and lobby for a healthy environment for both community residents bordering on Oskenonton Lane (Seaton St. , Gerrard St E. & Dundas St. E. ) and residents living in the Dan Harrison complex.

  1. Dumping: Continual illegal dumping of garbage and furniture along this lane behind the Dan Harrison Building is an ongoing safety and health issue.  After several meetings with TCHC and Solid Waste Management staff we have been able to get the large garbage bins removed from the laneway.  They are now stored out of site and only brought out the day of pick up.  TCHC staff has made and effort to clear up any dumped material and Solid Waste Management is monitoring the lnaeway for individuals illegal dumping in the laneway.  There has been considerable improvment in the laneway over spring of 2013. 
  2. Criminal Activity: Criminal activity is taking place in the buildings and outside the in the lane making it unsafe for residents and the community. (Drug dealing, prostitution, illegal dumping)
  3. Security: Lack of proper 24 hours Security for the building (video cameras not operational, security guards absent, exit doors are left open etc)
  4. Ascetics: The building looks like something from a tenement in a third world country. Tenants have built home-made barricades around their balconies
  5. Health: Mental Health services for their tenants (screaming, threatening behavior, throwing household items and food off balconies)
  6. Administration: Improvement in the type of tenants accepted into this building (not all criminals and single men from Seaton House) and a clearly defined methodology for reprimanding/punishing tenants who engage in criminal activity.

What have we done?

A detailed summary of 2012 activities and many accomplishments can be found here. However due to a change in management at TCHC the meetings and discussions around management of the Dan Harrison Complex has gone into limbo.  A new Manger for the area TCHC Housing is Bob MacDonald who can be reached at 416 936 2506 and Sublikha Jama at 416 981 5981.  We need community help on this file and if you are interested please contact us at . 
  • Documentation of all illegal activities and garbage dumping
  • Liaison with TCHC on a regular basis to address the above issues
  • Liaison with Police regarding illegal activities
  • Co-ordinated the 3rd annual Community Safety Walk in the Spring 2013

What are we doing?
  • Continue positive working relationship with TCHC and Police (relative to Dan Harrison) established in late 2012.
  • Meet with multi-faceted team of TCHC leadership and tenants
  • Continue to press for positive change outside and within these building!
  • We have engaged Ryerson students and Toronto Public Space Initiative in a study of Laneway Animation for the final report click here
What Can you do?
  • Volunteer to help the committee
  • Document by photograph, video or written word -- issues such as dumping -- and send to
  • Adopt the laneway. Keep it litter free and take on an abandonded greenspace, plant and maintain.    
  • If you live on Seaton Street backing Oskenonton Lane please complete this survey.


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