The Beer Store Donation Window

(Last Updated May 25, 2015)   

The Beer Store has installed a permanent  "Donations - Express Return Window".  This is all in aid of encouraging you to properly recycle your empties, by returning them to the Beer Store.  Please do not put them out at the curb, or with your regular recycling.  

The Express window works wonderfully.  No lineups, no hassle and all proceeds go to local charity and community improvement projects. 

"Thank you very much for your work on making this happen and promoting the donation window.  And congratulations on the wonderful success to date.  Pam" - Pam McConnell, Friday November 15, 2013 

* * *

We established our Beer Store Action Committee in 2011, and, in 3 areas we have had some success.

1.  In store drunkenness is reduced.
  • TBS is more committed to “refusal of service” for impaired customers
  • TBS has police presence in the store Thursday through Sunday.
  • 51 division has committed that police who are on duty there will actually take action on illegal activity
  • policing has been extended to walk-arounds in laneways and around the Beer Store property
2.  Garbage and litter are reduced.
  • TBS has arranged that street garbage bins in front of the store are emptied more often
  • TBS clears the parking lot of garbage
  • TBS clears the surrounding laneways of garbage
3.  There is an established communications channel with The Beer Store management.

However, other problems go on unabated:
  • Drinking and drunkenness in the surrounding properties and laneways
  • Garbage in the surrounding properties
  • Scavengers trespassing on private property to scavenge for bottles
We have tried many things:
  • We asked the Beer Store to stop selling single cans. They refused

  • We asked the Beer Store to stop taking back empties. They refused.

  • We asked the Beer Store to put in a donations window, accessible from the outside of the building so that people can return their own empties 24/7, without having to go into the building. They refused.
  • Instead they installed a Donations Window inside the store, set up as an express line so you don't have to wait.  (Proceeds all go to a local charity and neighbourhood improvment projects).

  • We encourage people to take back their own empties rather than just put into City recycling, thus reducing the amount of scavenging. 
  • We produced an information flyer which was delivered to every house in Cabbagetown South.  It encourages people to return of their own empties.

  • We have designed a "No Bottles or Cans Here" label that bin users can stick onto their recycling bin to discourage scavengers.  Want one?  Click here to print one.  
  • We encourage all residents to keep their recycling INSIDE their homes or garages so scavengers cannot get to it. This is an ongoing effort, started by our organization the same year the City imposed the recycling bins on us. And the effort continues, however, it is constrained because so many of the properties not owner occupied.
We will continue our efforts, here's what you can do:

  • Store your recycling INSIDE your home or garage. If you do not have space to do that, call 311 and arrange to use plastic bags instead of bins, which can be stored inside, away from bottle scavengers.

  • Do not put your own bottles or cans in your recycling – return them to the store yourself.

  • Do not leave empty bottles on the sidewalk in front of your property for scavengers to collect.

  • Join our Beer Store Action Committee. If you are directly impacted by the situation, there is no need to sit on the sidelines. We welcome hard work, energy and clear thinking ideas.

  • Phone the police and report drunkenness and its associated behaviours, violence, noise, loitering. Remember to ask for the incident number. Ask police for reports on incidents, to ensure that action has been taken on reported incidents.

  • Take photographs and email them, along with date and time information, to either of the 2 email addresses below.

For questions or comments, email

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