Redevelopment in Heritage Areas

With the pressure of development moving east from Yonge Street, we thought it would be of interest to create a blog around development. How does a neighbourhood balance the pressure to intensify development while protecting the heritage character of the neighbourhood? Do we try to save everything old or just the best bits? Can heritage buildings be incorporated into new development or moved within the boundaries of the existing lot to create building sites for new construction? We are open to discussion and hope that those interested will add to the conversation. Members can post comments by going to the blog page Redevelopment in Heritage Neighbourhoods ; others please pass your thoughts on at   Here are some photographs of just a few of the many heritage properties open to discussion.




 We have highlighted in green areas of the neighbourhood which might potentially be of interest to developers who are not fazed by heritage properties and are willing to work with and around buildings of historical interest. See map below.   The City's heritage staff and organizations like the Cabbagetown Heritage Advisory Committee feel that designating properties as heritage is somehow incentive enough to save historical properties for generations to come. Designation in itself will not do enough to generate investment in heritage properties.  We need to encourage developers and property owners to come up with feasible and sustainable conservation practices and plans to ensure a positive outcome.  We need to study how property tax and land transfer tax incentives at the city and provincial level might be used as tools to encourage heritage property conservation.   Many heritage properties in the area are in hands of social services and non profit charities.  These organizations need help and direction in how they can maintain heritage properties.  Heritage conservation groups should consider a more hands on approach with specific  fundraising and support, especially to non profit and charitable organizations that own and need to maintain heritage properties.

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