Gerrard Street

 We are pleased to learn that the Cabbagetown Regent Park Community Museum has recently purchased the building at the corner of Parliament and Gerrard.  This property will be renovated in the next year to house the museum.  Ideally situated in at the corners of Cabbagetown, Regent Park and Cabbagetown South the museum will be a welcome addition to the commercial strip along Parliament Street.  The museum will help showcase the wonderful downtown east neighbourhood's rich cultural and heritage diversity.  There is also a plan to enlarge Anniversary Park by reconfiguring the right turn feeder lane from Parliament onto Gerrard Street which will create a welcoming square on the museum's front door.  



One storey buildings on large lots where space could be better utilized with new development similar to the housing complex pictured below.


555YVR-Front elevation Twilight

A good mix of commercial, residential buildings with bars and restaurants.  A suburban looking beer store on a large lot dominates the block.  Brewers Retail needs to look at its building model.  Not all beer stores require a large parking lot.  The added recycling depot also puts added pressure on the neighbourhood.  The area is primarily residential and Brewers Retail is a rather unlikely fit.  Should Beer Stores (and Liquor Stores as well) exist as a stand alone business in the downtown neighbourhoods or would they be a better fit with grocery chains similar to the Liquor Store in the Loblaws at Queens Quay and Jarvis?  We could certainly find a much better use of the Gerrard/Seaton Street property.   Even if the lot was severed a new condo similar to this one being developed on Queen Street East would be a welcome addition.


There is also room for new development at the corners of Sherbourne and Gerrard.  Both sites have great views over the city and Allan Gardens.

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