Carlton Street


A mix of residential, commercial buildings with some bars and restaurants, as well as churches along the western end, there is some room for development along this stretch.  Most of the properties along this stretch have individual Heritage Designation.  Apparently the churches along this stretch are entertaining proposals to rezone portions of their properties to allow for construction of housing units attached or adjacent to existing church buildings.  Stacked townhouse units or low rise condos like similar to those pictured right would be a good fit.  Many churches in the area have added additional meeting rooms/halls to the original chapels and are reconsidering usage and configurations to allow for development.  There are many churches in the immediate area that are facing considerable strains to continue on with declining congregations and funding.  Obviously many church buildings sit vacant for most of the week and need to rethink how they can make better use of real estate holdings. 



The buildings are generally in good condition and there are a couple of older homes on large lots which with careful additional  could be reconfigured to allow additional development.   There is a good sized park at the rear of these properties where a small to mid sized residential complex of the scale right could fit.

  The Cooper Mansion on Sherbourne Street  below is a good example of how to free up development space by moving existing buildings closer to the lot line to allow for infill.   Obviously the scale of the project is far too large for our area but the ability to move buildings to create development opportunity behind is an interesting approach to  saving Heritage Properties.

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