Proposal for large development at Ontario Street south of Queen

The City of Toronto is hosted a meeting on May 30th regarding a large proposal to redevelop a property at Ontario Street south of Queen.

The site includes the former Ontario Paint Store location which burned down several years ago as well as what was a heritage listed commercial building illegally demolished by the owner last year.  For an article on the demolition and reprecussions of that action please click here.

The photograph is from the grounds of Moss Park Apartments looking south west.

The scope of the proposal is large and would have a big impact on the area.  Several large warehouses on Richmond and Ontario would be demolished and replaced by three large condos with heights up to nearly 50 storeys. 

We have been advised that many area residents voiced concerns about the height and mass of the proposed building.  There were concerns about the size of the retail spaces which seemed geared towards big box type stores and the safety and function of the pedestrian mall.  Some concerns were made about the number of rental units compared to owner occupied units proposed.  The sense being that owner occupied units would create more of a stable neighbourhood with more residents setting down roots and staying in the neighbourhood.  Many area residents welcomed new development and felt the increase in people living in the blocks south of Queen would make for a safer and more vibrant neighbourhood.

The area south of Queen between Parliament and Jarvis is under considerable pressure for redevelopment.  With talk of a relief subway line along Queen and a subway stop near Queen and Sherbourne there will be even more building proposals brought forward.  Hopefully a master plan for the area could help save more of the commercial storefronts and warehouses which presently dot the neighbourhood.  For information on the proposal please click here

City planners will continue to meet with the developer and it is hoped that a better proposal which addresses the concerns of area residents and planners will be forthcoming.  To voice your concerns or if you have any questions or comments about the proposal please contact Henry Tang at or call 416 392 7572.   

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